Russell Wheeler Clive Scammer Fraud


We wanted to let everyone know that RUSSELL CLIVE WHEELER is a scammer and fraud lawyer based in Australia. RUSSELL WHEELER claims to offer resident director services to non-residents or businesses and he is a con artist. We are sharing our experience how RUSSELL WHEELER scammed us in detail in this article with proofs. As we are a service business and our customers come from Australia and we wanted to register a company in Australia and open a business bank account there. However, as we are overseas based business, we needed a local resident director from Australia to work on behalf of our company. In the online research conducted by us, we came across to a site called Lexon and they referred us to RUSSEL WHEELER (The Scammer). After communicating over the emails where he sounded interested in providing the resident director services at discounted price to us in special circumstances as this is a trick I am sure he uses with every other client to scam them. After communicating via several emails, we agreed to start the work in which he would register a company for us in Australia and most importantly open a business bank account for us which we can use overseas and not just the account which only he can use. In the whole conversation which we had over the email, he never mentioned what all documents will be required from our end as he was playing his trick at that time. As, if he would tell all the required documentation needed in the whole process then most of the deals will be knocked off in just couple of emails.

Therefore, his main goal was to get the half payment from us initially without even explaining the documentation. He also gave us detailed pricing of what he is charging us for and somewhere he mentioned that in order to obtain the ABN in Australia, normally it takes 2 to 3 months but by paying extra few hundred bucks, he can get the ABN in just 1 day which sounded pleasant to us at that time. Unfortunately, later on we found out that if all your documents are in place then you get the ABN issues online within 30 minutes. So, as per him he tried to tell us that Australian business system is corrupted but actually it is his soul which was corrupted. Anyways, we started the process and made 50% of the payment upfront into his Australian bank account. There is one more thing you guys should notice that how does he scam people because if you ask him to pay with your card or with PayPal, he refuses to accept any of those and only wants the money into the bank account so that you can`t file a dispute as in case of credit card and PayPal it is possible to report fraud and get your money back which justifies that RUSSELL WHEELER is a crook. Once he received the 50% payment from us, by that time he has registered the company and got the ABN issued and went to open a bank account in WestPac bank and all this was done in 5 days. After opening the bank account under his name and having login access to himself only, he demanded the rest of the payment from us. We said, hang on, what we shall pay you for as the company which you registered it is under your name only and we are not even directors yet. Most importantly, the bank account is opened under your name and we don`t have access to the bank account at all and the deal was to pay you when we have access to the banking online which has not been done yet.

So technically, this scammer Russell Wheeler wanted us to pay him thousands of dollars just for opening a company and bank account under his name which only he can use and not us. We have never dealt with such a person in our business career who wants to pay him for doing things for him. We clearly told him that until we don`t get access to the bank account at our end, forget about that we will pay him anymore and we stuck to that for a week until he came back to us and saying that okay he will get it done. Now, here comes the tricky part as now he opens up about all the documentation required for getting you added as an authorized signatory in Australian bank account which requires your identity documents to be certified by the Australian Embassy. He never mentioned anything about such documents before receiving the 50% advance payment and pretended as everything is going to be a very smooth process. Again, he started giving incomplete information about documentation so that the client could never understand what exactly is required. After going round and round in circles, he agreed that you need 3 of your identity documents certified and notarized which he can then use in the bank to get the online access for us. Now here comes the complexity of the situation as in the beginning he never mentioned that the documents need to be certified in Australian embassy in your home country. In the beginning, he pretended as if he is going to take care of all the documentation from his end which he never mentioned and never did. Now, just imagine in those countries where there is no Australian Embassy or people living in far cities where they will have to travel thousands of miles to get to an Australian Embassy and all this was never mentioned or told in the beginning that you would be required to do all this. Luckily, we had an Australian Embassy in our city and had to do the time and money wasting job of getting the documents certified but think of those people who don`t have an Australian Embassy in their country and they have ended up paying 50% advance to this scammer.

The trouble was just started and after we got our documents certified from the Australian Embassy then we scanned them and emailed them to the scammer RUSSELL WHEELER and asked him if he can get the work done now. Later on, he came up with a new task that he needed the physical paper work (documents) to be delivered to Australia as he needs to submit the original papers to the bank which was never told before sending us to the embassy. All this time, we have been exchanging all the documents by scanning them as if he sends me any document to sign it, I take a print out and sign it and scan it back to him and everything was working with scans until then. But, now he needs all those documents sent to Australia physically from our country which he never spoke off before that it would be required. Finally, we said it is enough and wanted to talk to this scammer over the phone for first time and first attempt was unsuccessful as he was away for 3 days in the weekend. So, we tried calling him back on next Tuesday and he picked up the call and I told him it is me calling and wanted to confirm if we need to post the document via courier or some other method and HE JUST SAID I DON`T CARE HOW DO YOU SEND IT, IT IS NOT MY PROBLEM. This is the first and only conversation we had with this scammer and the call ended in 30 seconds. Now, would anyone respond to their client in such tone or manner especially when it is the first time you are talking on the phone? I don`t think so, at least not with our business experience. We wanted to find out how lame and pathetic he can turn out to be so we couriered the documents to him which he then received in 10 days and went to the bank to submit them. Finally, we got our online banking access after a month of torture by this scammer lawyer RUSSELL CLIVE WHEELER. However, it did not work for long and after 3,4 days the bank account was put on hold as bank just wanted to verify few details with the local resident director in Australia which is him and we informed him that he needs to call the bank and reply to the emails which bank sent him to verify all the information. Later on, obviously he lied to us that he has responded to the bank`s email and tried to call them and was put on hold for 30 minutes. Now, this scammer also says that if he needs to do some other work on behalf of us, he will charge $200 AUD per hour for that. Now, we could not stop laughing here as we started thinking that he wants us to pay him $200 AUD so that he can be hold with the bank on call or talk to the bank to get the account reinstated? We said enough is enough now, the resident director fees which you already have paid entitles you to perform all these work and no one will bloody pay you $200 AUD just for talking to the bank over the phone. Finally, we had to give up as we understood that he is a big time scammer and don`t have any business ethics or sense to talk to people. Our time was more important than wasting with him so we moved on as we might have lost our money but we learned and gained a lot of experience with that incident and now we are here finally exposing this scammer RUSSELL CLIVE WHEELER LEXON LAWYERS. If you have any questions or need any help you can contact us through the contact section on our website and we will help you so that you don`t become his victim.

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Russell Wheeler Clive Scammer Fraud

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