Court date Andrew Cuomo was postponed after prosecutor said accusation of sexual harassment “potentially flawed”

ALBANY, NY (AP) – A prosecutor investigating allegations that a former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo groped the woman asked the judge for more time to assess the evidence, saying the criminal complaint filed by the local sheriff last week was “potentially flawed,” according to a letter released Friday. A request by Albany District Attorney … Read more

Here is what is in the bilateral infrastructure law that Parliament intends to adopt — and how it is paid

The two-party Infrastructure Act was passed by the Senate on Aug. 10 by a 69- to 30-vote vote, with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell among 19 Republicans who joined 50 Democrats in the chamber to support the long-awaited move. But the bill still hasn’t become law, as it needs to clear the House of Representatives … Read more

‘I’ve never seen this before in my life’: this small business owner has raised his starting salary, but in today’s labor market this is not enough

The Sugar Shack donut shop site in Saginaw, Mich., Doesn’t show immediately colorful hand-baked candy. It is instead Landing page darkens and a pop-up message tells visitors, “We’re hiring! Sign up online and join the Sugar Shack team today! That message has been posted for more than a month, said Steven Hartwell, who co-owns the … Read more

Penn National lost more than $ 2.5 billion in valuation after loss of earnings, allegations against Barstool’s Portnoy

Delnice Penn National Gaming Inc. PENN, -21.08% on Thursday then fell by more than 20%. large loss of profit in the third quarter and allegations of sexual abuse against the founder of Barstool Sports. According to Dow Jones Market Data, the fall wiped out more than $ 2.5 billion of Penn National’s market capitalization, the … Read more

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers tested positive for COVID, turned out not to be vaccinated

GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) – Quarterback Packers Aaron Rodgers has tested positive for COVID-19 and will reportedly miss Sunday’s game in Kansas City. The NFL was the first to report a positive test that was not immediately confirmed by either the team or Rodgers ’agent. See also: DraftKings, Caesars and Penn National – here’s how … Read more

‘A needle in a haystack’. Australian police are crying with relief when they found missing four-year-old Cleo

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) – Police raided a suburban house on Wednesday and rescued a 4-year-old girl whose disappearance from a family camping tent on Australia’s remote west coast shocked and enchanted the nation more than two weeks ago. Officials cried with relief after seeing the camera footage on the body of a police officer who … Read more

Yahoo is withdrawing from China because of the ‘demanding’ work environment

HONG KONG (AP) – Yahoo Inc. announced on Tuesday that it had withdrawn from China, citing an increasingly demanding operational environment. The withdrawal was largely symbolic, as Chinese digital censorship has already blocked many of the company’s services. But recent government moves to expand control over technology companies in general, including domestic giants, may have … Read more

“More retailers are lowering their retail price.” Here is exactly what economists think will happen to housing prices in the next few months

Should I buy a house in 2021? Getty Images Mortgage rates are still close to record lows – some 15-year rates are close to 2% and some 30-year rates are below 3%, as you can see here – but many potential buyers, concerned about the recent rise in house prices, are unsure whether they should … Read more

Elon Musk is spending $ 6 billion to fight world hunger – but only if the UN can prove that his money would solve the problem

Elon Musk responded to a suggestion that he and other billionaires should “step in now” to help solve world hunger, and instead pointed the finger at an important global nutrition program. Musk was attacked by David Beasley, director of the United Nations World Food Program, told CNN that only a fraction of Musk and other … Read more

Zillow sinks after the analyst points out that two-thirds of the apartments purchased are underwater

Shares of Zillow Group Inc. fell on Monday after KeyBanc analyst Edward Yruma pointed out that most of the apartments the real estate company bought with a view to reversing them are now worth less than they paid for them. Share Z lost 5.8% in midday trading. Although shares are still up 13.6% since closing … Read more

My biological father is an 87-year-old man in my hometown. Do I have the right to inherit from him?

Dear Quentin, I recently learned that my biological father is a man near whom I grew up in my hometown. His kids also saw the connection and contacted me. He is still alive, but he is 87 years old and his wife has no idea about it. The eldest son told him about me recently, … Read more

The family of this financial advisor inherited $ 1.4 million and quickly lost everything. ‘I promised myself I would never be so out of money again.’

Jacqueline Schadeck was 14 years old in 2007 when her life changed dramatically. Schadeck, who was raised by a single mother in Northern California, found herself with enough money to buy new clothes and eat in restaurants for the first time. This is because her mother unexpectedly inherited $ 1.4 million from the sale of … Read more

I earned $ 100,000 a year, but I accumulated $ 85,000 in credit card debt. I now buy in Aldi and drive a 2007 car, but I still try. How to get rid of debts faster

Getty Images / iStockphoto question: I’ve accumulated $ 85,000 in credit card debt over the last few years. I worked in two jobs and earned $ 100,000 a year, but when COVID was hit, I lost my second job and couldn’t find another that would be paid almost as much as before. I joined American … Read more

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