A headmaster woke up who ‘indoctrinated’ students at a school that costs £ 32,000 a year

MY NUMBER 1 RECOMMENDATION TO CREATE FULL TIME INCOME ONLINE: CLICK HERE The principal of Britain’s most expensive day school has resigned following a dispute over a new wake-up program at an institution worth £ 32,650 a year. Robin Appleby told trustees at an American school in last week London (ASL) to step down as … Read more

Seth Meyers hits Glenn Youngkin with super cut ‘Critical Race Theory’

Although critical racial theory is not part of the curriculum in K-12 public schools, Youngkin took up the subject and tackled it, addresses the issue of cultural warfare encouraged by conservatives and right-wing media. He pledged to ban him from teaching in public schools. Critical Race Theory is an academic framework typically taught in universities … Read more

Tucker Carlson says he “never figured out what a critical theory of race is”

Fox News host Tucker Carlson he admitted on Wednesday that he did not understand what a critical theory of race was – although he had been fueling a conservative cultural war over it for almost a year. “I’ve never figured out what a critical race theory is, to be perfectly honest, after a year of … Read more

In school board races the opposite theory of critical racing was not the winner with eliminations

Resistance to the perceived teaching of critical race theory in schools was aided by the GOP to clear offices across the state in Virginia on Tuesday, but was not an obvious winner at the local level for rebel candidates hoping to take over public school boards. Nationwide, candidates applied in record numbers to compete for … Read more

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