A British F-35 crashed into the sea after failing to take off, reveals a video that leaked to the public

MY NUMBER 1 RECOMMENDATION TO CREATE FULL TIME INCOME ONLINE: CLICK HERE It’s an F-35 crashed into the Mediterranean Sea never managed to take off, the clip revealed. The video, which leaked to the public, shows a £ 100 million fighter jet accelerating down the cockpit ramp of the HMS Queen Elizabeth cockpit, only to … Read more

Macron and Biden repaired relations between France and the United States

ROME – When Joe Biden met with Emmanuel Macron on Friday, there was no explanation, but there was no apology. AUKUS was “awkward” and “wasn’t done with great grace,” Biden said, but that wasn’t a real mistake. The embarrassment over AUKUS – the US-led Indo-Pacific Strategic Alliance that sparked an outraged diplomatic dispute with France … Read more

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