Republicans want parents to be angry. Democrats are trying to give them money.

WASHINGTON – Republicans they declared themselves the party of the parents. democrats they are working on legislation that would send direct cash payments to families and lower childcare costs – a historic shift in the welfare state in favor of parents – but Republicans hope the inflammatory rage in public schools will outweigh all the … Read more

Stephen Colbert is punching Democrats in the ass after losing the election

“Democrats are used to disappointment,” the Late Show host said, then offered the party a figurative kick in the ass with the new logo: Colbert accepted the news without difficulty. “Here’s the thing and maybe I’m alone, but I’m not that upset,” he said. “I’ve already endured the worst election in American history, live on … Read more

Democrats are tackling the tax agenda from state and local tax breaks

WASHINGTON – The Build Back Better Act will not provide a surprising tax cut for millionaires Democrats were thinking earlier this week. House and Senate Democrats have prepared competing proposals to repeal the $ 10,000 limit on state and local tax breaks introduced by Republicans in 2017. The new ideas are alternatives to the complete … Read more

Democrats vow to speed up legislative agenda after Virginia’s big loss in New Jersey

WASHINGTON – Stunning election results in Virginia and New Jersey, where Republicans won state and local races, supported the argument for electing a president Joe BidenDemocratic senators announced on Wednesday that the legislative agenda will be up as soon as possible. “I think it’s an accelerator. It’s time to go to work,” Dick Durbin, the … Read more

Domestic Democrats are adding paid leave to build a better law, move towards voting

WASHINGTON – House Democrats are including four weeks of paid family and health leave in their version of the Build Back Better Act as leaders negotiate a path to a vote on the Spending and Tax Act and the bilateral Infrastructure Act. The House Rules Committee will begin proceedings on Wednesday for a possible vote … Read more

Democrats say they are close to establishing a better deal – except for big open issues

WASHINGTON – Democrats say they are very close to voting on the Build Back Better bill in Parliament as soon as they finish some open issues. These issues are just some of the most controversial provisions: prescription drugs, paid leave, climate change, taxes and immigration. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) Said Democrats would resolve open … Read more

Democrats are (perhaps) close to (perhaps) a decent deal with prescription drugs

democratically leaders c Congress consider that they are approaching an agreement on reforms that would lower the prices of prescription drugs, according to several sources. The mood improved as it had a few days ago when efforts to reach a drug deal that could withstand Congress seemed to have failed. At the same time, negotiations … Read more

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