Joe Biden’s camp denies ‘Anchorman’ error reports

MY NUMBER 1 RECOMMENDATION TO CREATE FULL TIME INCOME ONLINE: CLICK HERE White House aides denied that Joe Biden made a mistake in the leader’s style when he appeared to have mistakenly read “end of quote” while speaking from a teleprompter. Republicans advocated Biden’s address on gas prices to accuse the president of making a … Read more

Joe Biden created the American inflation mess – and now he’s panicking

MY NUMBER 1 RECOMMENDATION TO CREATE FULL TIME INCOME ONLINE: CLICK HERE The White House, which has been complacent for months, is suddenly in a panic looking for scapegoats. There is much truth in their claims that inflation is primarily a symptom of the reopening of the economy, logistical problems and soaring commodity prices – … Read more

Kanye West criticizes the culture of revocation

MY NUMBER 1 RECOMMENDATION TO LOSE WEIGHT: CLICK HERE It’s Kanye West "run to cancel it". Rapper ‘Monster’, which triggered a response by collaborating with embarrassed musicians Marilyn Manson and …. MY NUMBER 1 RECOMMENDATION TO LOSE WEIGHT: CLICK HERE

Democrats will try to vote to confirm Dilawar Syed, despite the GOP boycott

senate democrats will try to make progress on Thursday regarding the nomination of Dilawar Syed, who would become the top Muslim official in the administration if confirmed. The problem is this Republicans they prevented him from receiving the vote. At least three times, refused to appear at the senate committee hearings for small businesses, thereby … Read more

4 excerpts from the race of the Governor of Virginia

The full picture of what exactly happened on election night 2021 will not be available for some time. It is necessary to determine the final results, adjust the exit surveys to match these results, review the figures by district. Reasons for Republican Glenn Youngkinvictory over the Democrat Terry McAuliffe in Virginia, the reasons why Democrats … Read more

What to watch in Tuesday’s election in Virginia and more

The year may be odd, but Tuesday’s election isn’t sleepy, local competitions. Voters in Virginia are weighing a gubernatorial race that could upset President Joe Biden and Democrats in Washington. In Minneapolis, a city still rocked by the murder of George Floyd, they will vote to dissolve the police department and set up a new … Read more

Joe Manchin is not yet on board with Build Back Better Legislation

WASHINGTON – Joe Manchin convened a news conference Monday to reject the latest draft of the Build Back Better bill, in part as a result of his extensive negotiations with the White House, jeopardizing Democrats ’hope for swift action on their legislative agenda this week. A West Virginia Democrat said he wanted more time to … Read more

How could Joe Biden’s big gambling on a children’s tax credit pay off

WASHINGTON – Democrats want monthly cash benefits for parents to continue forever, but their Build Back Better law would extend the improved child tax credit by just one year. The shorter extension created budget space for other priorities, and Democrats believe this leads to a political struggle that can be won in a number of … Read more

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