Don’t ignore these 5 signs that your body needs detoxification!

MY NUMBER 1 RECOMMENDATION TO LOSE WEIGHT: CLICK HERE Our body often gets stuck due to stress, a strenuous lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits. Recognize the need for a break and go for a detox! Although most people associate detoxification with cleansing with juices, starvation diets, and dry teas, what exactly is detoxification? It is … Read more

How to consume more lean protein in three simple ways

MY NUMBER 1 RECOMMENDATION TO CREATE FULL TIME INCOME ONLINE: CLICK HERE Protein is a macronutrient du jour, largely because of those torn Insta influencers who hold their bowls of “proats,” aka protein oats (or porridge in old money). But here’s the thing: very few of us in the developed world are deficient in protein. … Read more

Interested in a yo-yo diet? It’s not worth it, the expert explains

MY NUMBER 1 RECOMMENDATION TO LOSE WEIGHT: CLICK HERE Just as the yo-yo goes up and down, the yo-yo diet is a cycle of losing weight, gaining and then losing again! And it’s not good! Ythe o-yo toy rotates up and down quickly, leaving no one genuine. It’s fascinating to watch the spin! But when … Read more

How ‘set weight’ theory can help you make peace with your body

The Health movement in every size focuses on respecting the body: establishing sustainable habits that support health without trying to change your body size or shape. Intuitive eating is based on the same idea – that the right diet and peace with food come only when you can give up the pursuit of weight loss. … Read more

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