Key task of COP26: combating climate fraud

Press play to listen to this article GLASGOW – The real work started at the COP26 climate conference – and it’s all about dealing with carbon fraud. World leaders prevailed in the early days at the Glasgow summit, but attention is now focused on the negotiations on the completion of the Paris Agreement, with three … Read more

Leaders at COP26 acknowledge climate sins

Press play to listen to this article GLASGOW – National leaders gathered at the Scottish campus this week to take part in a penitential rite that has become an annual rite – apologizing for historically bad behavior about the climate and promises to eventually become clean, but not yet. The inaugural two days of the … Read more

Déjà vu as Brexit overshadows the moment of the UK on the world stage

ROME – Boris Johnson has promised to “carry out Brexit”. However, it is becoming clear that this will never be done – at least not if the British and French have anything to do with it. The big dust between London and Paris over fish was the noisy backdrop of the G20 in Rome over … Read more

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