Serena Williams confirms the oft-told story of her father: “It was the right moment”

“King Richard, ”A new biographical film about Richard Williams coaching his daughters Venus in Serena to tennis greatness, includes a scene in which Richard, played by Will Smith, tells school-age Serena (Demi Singleton) that she will be the best actress of all time. Thursday “Jimmy Kimmel Live, ”host Jimmy Kimmel asked Serena Williams if that … Read more

Jimmy Kimmel notices an awkward problem with Trump’s latest desperate email

Jimmy Kimmel noticed an unusual new call for money from Donald Trump‘s PAC, which promises loyal supporters of the former president a gift of wrapping paper in exchange for a donation of $ 35. “Of course it has wrapping paper,” Kimmel commented. “His specialty is covering things up. I shouldn’t do anything but sell wrapping … Read more

Tom Hanks says he turned down Jeff Bezos ’invitation to the space for a very understandable reason

If Jeff Bezos really wanted to give Tom Hanks in space for some weird fantasy “Apollo 13” I could at least pay the bill. Jimmy Kimmel asked the “Finch” star on Tuesday if it’s true that the billionaire is the founder of Amazon, which recently sent actor William Shatner on a short space flight, asked … Read more

Kimmel makes fun of QAnon’s nuts for their most stupid conspiracy theory to date

Jimmy Kimmel noticed what is perhaps the craziest right-wing conspiracy theory to date: John F. Kennedy Jr. he is still alive and ready to lead their movement alongside Donald Trump. JFK Jr. died in a plane crash in 1999, but a crowd of QAnon supporters gathered in Dallas, where he was due to reveal himself … Read more

Jimmy Kimmel notices the only way Trump will move

Jimmy Kimmel told all about Donald TrumpThe unusual attendance at the World Series match in Atlanta over the weekend “took place exactly as you would expect.” He also called for a boycott of the Atlanta-based Coca-Cola because it spoke out against the law. “Six months later, he enjoys a diet coke and makes tomahawks at … Read more

Brain freezing! Olivia Rodrigo says ‘Shoehorn’ Biden really gave her a spoonful of ice cream

It turned out a a “strange” gift the President Joe Biden gave “good 4 in” to the singer Olivia Rodrigo during a summer visit to the White House was not as unusual as the fact that Rodrigo was distracted by what was. The singer blamed her mother for freezing her brain in a post on … Read more

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