Lawyer blows up GOP lawmakers who refused to reject elections with ‘strike letter’

In another awkward videotape of “gotcha,” extremist Donald Trump team lawyer John Eastman condemned the “spineless” Republican state legislators who did not reject the results of the legitimate presidential election. Eastman boasted of a mass conference call zoom involving himself, Trump and Trump’s former personal attorney Rudy Giuliani with 300 Republican state legislators Joe Bidenvictory, … Read more

The ‘strike note’ lawyer tore up Mike Pence as he hid from the ‘hanging’ mob on Jan. 6: report

The lawyer who wrote the infamous “impact notes”Angrily accused the then vice president of discarding the results of the legitimate presidential election Mike Pence for the “siege” of the Capitol as rioters made a pilgrimage through the building on Jan. 6, the Washington Post reported Friday. Donald Trump lawyer John Eastman attacked then-Pence’s chief adviser, … Read more

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