Kristen Stewart’s latest spice is literally tied in knots

MY NUMBER 1 RECOMMENDATION TO LOSE WEIGHT: CLICK HERE For Kristen Stewart, dramatic, vibrant hairstyles are nothing new. Will it be thick blonde accents inspired by the 90s,, pink tips, or a completely new look, the player is not afraid to mix and try something new. For those with shoulder-length hair looking for serious inspiration … Read more

In the film ‘Spencer’, Princess Diana gets an abstract and artistic story about ghosts

Casting, s Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana, is brilliant, and the top-down convertible end is sublime. So why the rest “Spencer” by Pablo Larrain such a hollow exercise in high camp? Not long ago, Chilean director Larraín crafted another myth-creating meditation in a similarly conceptual, “Jackie.” Also, it was an elegantly elegant film with a … Read more

Guy Fieri says it’s “all in” to lead Kristen Stewart’s wedding

A honeymoon trip to Flavortown could be a plan soon Kristen Stewart. V Thursday performance on ‘Today’, famous chef Guy Fieri said he would be willing to chair Stewart’s upcoming wedding Dylan Meyer after the “Spencer” star suggested that he lead her wedding earlier this week. “Through the Flavortown vine, I heard you’re looking for … Read more

Kristen Stewart and girlfriend Dylan Meyer are engaged: ‘This is happening’

In addition to these shining “Spencer” reviews,, Kristen Stewart this week has a personal milestone to celebrate. Appears on “Howard Stern’s show”On Tuesday, the actor announced that he and his girlfriend Dylan Meyer were engaged. “We’re going to get married, we’re going to do it completely,” Stewart said. “I wanted to be asked, so I … Read more

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