STOP using expired lipsticks! Dermat reveals why this is a great sin

MY NUMBER 1 RECOMMENDATION TO LOSE WEIGHT: CLICK HERE Throw away all those lipsticks hidden in your drawers forever! This is because applying expired lipstick can make you VERY sick. Who all missed applying lipstick during the pandemic? We’re sure most of you said YES! Well, how important is that, since this mask hides your … Read more

Sephora’s Biggest Sale Of The Year Is Here. Here’s What Experts Say To Snag

The Sephora holiday savings event is arguably one of the best annual occurrences for both beauty fanatics and “dabblers” alike. With up to 20% off store-wide, depending on your Beauty Insider status, it feels like Christmas has come early. Here’s how the sale is broken down: Rouge-level members get early access to the sale starting … Read more

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