Democratic Voters Reject Police Funding Cuts, But Embrace More Modest Reforms

Democrats across the country reeled from the loss of the Virginia gubernatorial election on Tuesday, fearing that the result portends even more disappointing losses in next year’s midterm elections. But elections in solidly Democratic cities where Republicans are a non-factor also dealt setbacks to radical criminal justice reformers, even as voters affirmed their support for … Read more

Minneapolis voters are rejecting a vote to disband the city police

Nearly a year and a half after Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd, voters on Tuesday rejected a vote calling for the dissolution of the city police administration. Tuesday’s referendum on the vote, known as Question 2, sought to replace the Minneapolis Police Department with a public security department that was more focused … Read more

Minneapolis voters weigh the fate of police after the death of George Floyd

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – Voters in Minneapolis decided on Tuesday or replace the city police with a new public safety department, more than a year later The death of George Floyd below the knee of a white police officer launched a movement to eliminate or abolish police across the country. Democratic Prefect Jacob Frey he was … Read more

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