Now the darling of the American far left goes to Glasgow

MY NUMBER 1 RECOMMENDATION TO CREATE FULL TIME INCOME ONLINE: CLICK HERE Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – the darling of America’s far left who notoriously wore a ‘tax the rich’ dress to the £26,000-a-ticket red carpet event – was mobbed by supporters today as she arrived in Glasgow for COP26. The 32-year-old Bronx congresswoman, perhaps the leading … Read more

The House passed the Infrastructure Act, postponed a vote on better construction

WASHINGTON – House democrats He finally approved a two-party road and bridge repair law late Friday, months after the law was passed by the Senate and just days after the party’s disastrous performance in Tuesday’s state and local elections. But instead of passing the Build Back Better Act at the same time – a key … Read more

Democrat leaders are pushing for votes in the representation during the final budget disputes

WASHINGTON (AP) – Democratic leaders on Friday, when there were almost no free votes, tried to resolve long-standing concerns of moderate MPs in hopes of finally pushing President Joe Biden’s multi-trillion domestic agenda through the house. speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., And other leaders have met privately with a handful of centrists who say they want … Read more

Biden’s big election law is on the doorstep of MPs, but quarrels remain

WASHINGTON (AP) – democrats in Parliament they appear on the brink of the President’s promotion Joe Bidenis $ 1.85 trillion and growing domestic policy package together with an accompanying infrastructure bill of $ 1 trillion, which would be a dramatic political achievement – if they can encourage it to materialize. Parliament canceled the vote late … Read more

Marjorie Taylor Greene has so far been fined $ 48,000 for violating the rules on the use of house masks

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) Was fined at least $ 48,000 for violating house rules on wearing masks due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Congress members are fined $ 500 for the first mask violation and $ 2,500 for each subsequent one. Greene’s first violation was in May and she continued to break the rules … Read more

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