Experts deplore Biden’s mixed messages about old forests

A group of U.S. forest ecologists, climate scientists and conservationists warn that they see a “big link” between President Joe Biden’s rhetoric about the urgent need to combat deforestation and the policies he enforces at home. Commenting on his final day at COP26, the United Nations climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland, Biden praised the $ … Read more

Several countries are pledging to abandon the use of coal

GLASGOW, Scotland (AP) – For the first time, several major coal-using countries have pledged to phase out the use of highly polluting fossil fuels or speed up existing plans to do so, while others have announced commitments to end investment. into new coal-fired power plants. UK Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng said late Wednesday that commitments … Read more

Stephen Colbert explains the climate crisis perfectly with Jim Carrey’s films

Considering that Brazil is the far-right president Jair Bolsonaro he is said to have referred to US climate envoy John Kerry as Jim Carrey, Colbert said, “But I think he meant Jim Carrey. After all, many countries have promised to reduce emissions, but I say: ‘Liar liar’. And that was just the beginning. Colbert has … Read more

There is no reason to trust Brazil’s promises about climate and deforestation

Speaking Monday at the United Nations Climate Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, President Joe Biden called on world nations to play their part in preventing catastrophic global warming. “It’s a challenge to our lives together, an existential threat to human existence as we know it, and we procrastinate every day that the cost of inaction is … Read more

A day later, an Israeli minister using a wheelchair can access COP26

TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) – An Israeli energy minister using a wheelchair was able to attend a global climate summit on Tuesday, a day after police prevented her from coming to the scene. Energy Minister Karine Elharrar arrived at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow along with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, using a blue … Read more

The United States joins more than 100 countries in pledging to end deforestation in the next decade

GLASGOW, Scotland (AP) – More than 100 countries pledged on Tuesday to end deforestation over the next decade – a promise experts say would be key to curbing climate change but one that has already been made and broken. The UK welcomed this commitment as the first major achievement of the UN Climate Conference, known … Read more

Queen Elizabeth sent a strong address almost 2 weeks after the health fear

Queen Elizabeth spoke kindly of her late husband, Prince Philip, and his concern for the environment, while on Monday night he had a virtual address for admission to the United Nations COP26 Climate Conference. The pre-recorded speech marked the Queen’s first address after hospitalization two weeks ago. “The impact of the environment on human progress … Read more

Biden says the U.S. will be a leader in a “decisive decade” on climate

President of the United States Joe Biden he assured world leaders on Monday at the United Nations Climate Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, that they can count on the U.S. to once again lead the fight against global climate change. “We will show the world that the United States is not just back at the table, … Read more

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