The Dutch are masters of taming water. Climate change is teaching them to let go of floods

She loves the view. She likes to land a boat that is just a step away from her vegetable plot. She loves watching eagles and beavers. But to her delight is restraint. “The mixed feeling is that this was my neighbor’s land,” van Lelieveld says. “I’m sad because I know how sad my neighbor is. … Read more

A 300-million-year-old fossil skeleton in Utah could be the first of its kind

The exact species and classification does not yet need to be determined, but the fossil is a tetrapod – meaning a four-legged animal – and could be an early ancestor of reptiles or mammals. Paleontologists have found that the fossil may be between 295 million and 305 million years old, between the Pennsylvania and Permian … Read more

Generational climate: How the crisis has made young people into adults in the room

“I want leaders, governments and corporations to rise up for the people,” Nakate told CNN. “And that means ending fossil fuel projects. As I always say: we can’t eat coal, we can’t drink oil, and we can’t breathe so-called natural gas.” Nakate’s generation is an adult in a world that is warming much faster than … Read more

Lost species reappear in the extinct zoo

The “Zoo of Extinct Animals” is a project launched in 2020 by the Creative Director Sebastian Koseda which allows you to observe and interact with 3D representations of extinct wildlife in your environment through a Snapchat lens. You can watch the dolphin spin in the water and move around you. A carrier bag can also … Read more

7 seizures from day 4 of COP26: 1.8 degrees within range, coal deal, activists demand less police

Here’s what happened on the fourth day of the climate summit. This is big news for COP26, as the UN reported in September the planet is moving toward 2.7 degrees. This analysis took into account the promises made by countries prior to COP26, but did not include recent developments. “The result is extremely encouraging,” IEA … Read more

The first ancient fossil of the Homo baby is found in the cradle of humanity

The child probably lived between 236,000 and 335,000 years ago when other remains from the cave were dated. “This is the first partial skull of a Homo naledi child to recover, and it gives us an insight into all stages of life of this remarkable species,” said Juliet Brophy, lead author of the study that … Read more

The element found in our teeth was first detected in a galaxy 12 billion light-years away.

Astronomers have first discovered an element found in our bodies in a galaxy more than 12 billion light-years away. The element, fluoride, can be found in our bones and teeth as fluoride. “We all know about fluoride because the toothpaste we use every day contains it in the form of fluoride,” study lead author Maximilien … Read more

Identifying ‘living worlds’ is a major priority for astronomers over the next decade

Over the next decade, scientists plan to discover the secrets of the universe and identify Earth-like planets outside our solar system to find other living worlds. After all, this research could reveal whether we are really alone. More about what happened immediately after the birth of the universe, the nature of black holes and neutron … Read more

The world is not adapting to the climate crisis fast enough, the UN reports

Annually “adjustment gap” report. – which was published on Wednesday Wednesday climate summit COP26 in Glasgow – found that the estimated cost of adapting to the worst effects of global warming, such as droughts, floods and rising seas in low-income countries, is five to 10 times higher than how much money is currently flowing into … Read more

News from Cuba: Activists called for peaceful protests in November. See how the government is responding – CNN Video

After Cuba was alarmed by unprecedented protests in July 2021, the government is openly harassing a group of activists who planned a peaceful protest march on November 15 to test the regime’s tolerance of dissent. CNN’s Patrick Oppmann reports from Havana, Cuba. Source: CNN . Source

No one should make money with this: CNN leader calls Auschwitz tool auction— Video CNN

Israeli court after Holocaust survivors protest has suspended the auction a partial tattoo kit to be used on inmates at Auschwitz death camps. CNN’s Bianca Nobilo announces the auction and shares a personal story about the Holocaust. . Source

Iran has released footage of an alleged incident with the U.S. Navy – CNN Video

Iran released a video of the alleged clash with the U.S. Navy last month in the Gulf of Oman. Iran claims U.S. forces tried to board a tanker to seize Iranian crude oil. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby denied the allegations at a news conference. . Source

Austria is closing coal-fired power plants and focusing on renewable energy – CNN Video

Austria is one of only three European countries to have broken its dependence on coal burning for electricity. But even with an advantage in renewable energy, the transition can be a challenge. CNN’s Phil Black reports from Austria’s last coal-fired power plant in Graz. Source: CNN . Source

Why classic cars are the next big thing in electric vehicles

Six decades later, modern technology is fulfilling that promise. “Henry Royce made these cars quiet,” says David Lorenz, founder of the luxury car shop Lunaz. “Now we can make that happen.” It’s not magic – it’s electric. Founded in 2018 in Silverston, England, Lunaz specializes in converting the electric motors of high-end classic cars, from … Read more

5 extracts from day 3 of COP26: fossil fuel breakthrough, $ 9 billion forest bill, climate ‘debt traps’

National negotiators are now immersing themselves in the substance of the talks and trying to reach agreements on everything from the transparency of emissions reporting to the protection of forests. Each day of the conference has a specific topic that leads conversations and business deals. On Wednesday, the umbrella topic was finance. Here’s what happened. … Read more

At least 20 countries have agreed to stop funding fossil fuel projects abroad

Another source close to the COP26 climate summit talks said the US is a party to the agreement. U.S. State Department officials did not immediately respond to CNN to confirm the state’s involvement. Several countries have already agreed to end international funding for coal, but this agreement would be the first of its kind to … Read more

Prince Andrew could go on trial for sexual abuse by next fall

U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan said during a status conference Wednesday that the pandemic makes it difficult to set an exact trial date because of problems with the safe placement of juries. An example involves a woman by name Virginia Giuffre, who claims to have been trafficked Jeffrey Epstein and forced to have sex with … Read more

An ancient fireball turned miles of this desert into glass

The survey was published in the journal on Tuesday geology. About 12,000 years ago, intense heat turned the sandy soil of the Atacama into huge glass areas stretching 46.6 miles (75 kilometers), but researchers weren’t sure what caused such a drastic change. The Atacama Desert is the driest desert region on Earth, with incredibly little … Read more

Prince Andrew’s legal team is battling the U.S. sexual assault case. Here’s what you need to know

But they also seem to be trying to change the narrative, arguing in a gruesome court case that Giuffre’s claims are motivated by money. CNN contacted Giuffre’s attorneys regarding the new allegations; in her initial applications for the case, her lawyers said Andrew caused Giuffre “emotional distress” that was “severe and permanent”. “Giuffre has filed … Read more

Mexican women march against femicide on Day of the Dead – CNN video

In Mexico, there was a high rate of gender-based violence, particularly femicide, the premeditated murder of women because they are women, and in 2020, there were nearly 1,000 cases of femicide. Activists organized a march during the celebration of the Day of the Dead to raise awareness of the issue. . Bianca Nobilo of CNN … Read more

China v. US: Who can lead change in the fight against the climate crisis? – Video CNN

The rivalry between the US and China is the focus of COP26, as the two leading carbon producers are under scrutiny as to how and when they can deliver on their climate promises. David Culver of CNN explains how China is progressing with its great ambitions and perhaps becoming a world leader in the fight … Read more

5 summaries from COP26 Day 2: Leaders tackle methane, high-risk countries speak out, China weighs

Here’s what happened the other day. About 100 countries and parties have signed a global promise to reduce methane emissions by 30% from 2020 to 2030, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced in Glasgow on Tuesday. Methane, which is the main component of natural gas, is an extremely powerful greenhouse gas. Invisible and … Read more

The study finds that seal pups share a rare vocal ability with humans

A person or animal using this trait is so-called “loud plastic” or adapts its voice signals in response to environmental changes that overlap or obscure their voice, depending on studies published Monday in the journal Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society B. The ability to communicate clearly and accurately is important for opportunities for mating, … Read more

Astronauts have a taco flavor test with the first chili peppers grown in space

The International Space Station hosted a taco bash for astronauts on Friday as they celebrated the harvest of the first Chilean peppers grown in space. The crew finally had a chance to test the peppers after first launching a plant experiment on the space station in July. Plant Habitat-04 is one of the most complex … Read more

Rescuers rescue a hanging BASE jumper after he crashed into a cliff and his parachute got stuck on a rock

The man jumped from the East End of Rundle (EEOR) in the Canadian Rockies near Canmore, Alberta, but had problems with the gutter or canopy on the way down. “When he opened his canopy, it curled up and pushed it violently against the wall,” the statement said. After the collision, the man “basically drove” along … Read more

Dr. Aaron Beck, a pioneer of cognitive-behavioral therapy, has died aged 100 years

CBT, used to treat depression, psychiatric problems and psychological disorders, is a psychological treatment that focuses on changing specific behaviors and thought processes. Beck is credited with changing the field of mental health through his development of cognitive therapy, which he developed while working as a psychiatrist at the University of Pennsylvania, according to a … Read more

More than 100 world leaders will agree at COP26 to end deforestation by 2030

Among the participating countries are Canada, Russia, Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia and the Democratic Republic of Congo, which all have important parts of the forests. Brazil in particular has been criticized for allowing increased deforestation in the Amazon in recent years. The US and China will also be parties to the agreement. The agreement is due … Read more

5 summaries of the first day of COP26: Biden’s apology, Indian promise, great disappointment

“I don’t think I should apologize, but I apologize for the fact that the U.S. – the last administration – withdrew from the Paris Agreement and put us kind of behind the figure of eight,” Biden said in Glasgow. Biden re-entered into the agreement just hours after taking the oath in January. As the world … Read more

‘Vax’ is the word of the 2021 Oxford Dictionary publisher

Defined as “a conversation that means either a vaccine or a vaccination as a noun and to vaccinate as a verb,” vax was relatively rare until this year, the company, which publishes the Oxford English Dictionary, said Monday. In September, vax appeared more than 72 times more often than the year before, said Oxford Languages, … Read more

Glasgow COP26: can it prevent a climate catastrophe? – Video CNN

World leaders gather at a key climate summit known as COP26 in Glasgow, UK. The COP means “Conference of the Parties” and there have been 25 of them in the United Nations since the first in 1995. Some have been productive and others a bitter disappointment. Here’s what you need to know. Source: CNN .

“Natives have the knowledge”: conservation biologist Erika Cuéllar on the restoration of the planet

When Bolivian conservation biologist Erika Cuéllar first saw the vast expanse in 1997, she was overcome by a desire to rebuild. “I’m very attracted to dry lands. When I was young, I was angry that no one cared about dry lands and that everyone cared about the tropical rainforest,” he says. Despite looking open and … Read more

World deaths due to covid-19 exceed five million

JHU has reached a global death toll 5,000,425 th most common It reports that 197,116 people have died from covid-19 worldwide in the last 28 days. There are 246.7 million officially reported cases of coronavirus worldwide since it was first discovered in The Chinese city of Wuhan at the end of 2019. Last Thursday, the … Read more

Romania records the highest mortality due to covid-19 in the world – CNN video

Global Brief Romania recorded one of the highest covid-19 mortality rates per capita in the world last week, according to our world, and less than a third of the adult population in the country is fully vaccinated. Bianca Nobilo of CNN has more. Source: CNN .

COP26 is starting ominously after a weak meeting of G20 leaders

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, whose government is hosting the talks, will point out on Monday that humanity has shortened its time on climate change. “The clock is one minute to midnight and we need to act now,” he will say in an introductory speech, citing comments sent to reporters. “We need to move from … Read more

Scary than ghosts? Nothing can escape a black hole

Black holes – regions in space where gravity is so strong that nothing can escape – are a hot topic in the news these days. Half of Nobel Prize in Physics 2020 received Roger Penrose for his mathematical work, which showed that black holes are an inevitable consequence of Einstein’s theory of gravitation. Andrea Ghez … Read more

Mummies found buried in boats in the Chinese desert have an unexpected origin

New techniques c ancient DNA analyzes provide increasingly painful details of prehistory, including some of the latest scientific discoveries in the last week. I’m Katie Hunt, replacing Ashley Strickland, who is on vacation. In the inhospitable desert of northwest China, hundreds of stunningly untouched mummies buried in boats, were discovered in the 1990s. Mummies from … Read more

Exclusive: Putin stifles journalism with law on “foreign agents”, says Nobel laureates Russian editor

Independent journalists see this as an indelible swab. Russian President Vladimir Putin insists that it is not intended to wrinkle or censor, but merely to inform readers and viewers that some of the media they enjoy have foreign funding. “This law does not prohibit anyone from having their own opinion on a matter. It is … Read more

Prince Andrew’s lawyers are demanding the dismissal of the U.S. lawsuit over the sexual assault, saying it violates the terms of the settlement agreement.

Andrew, Queen Elizabeth’s second eldest son, is suing in New York Giuffre, who claims she was forced into sexual acts with him. She said Epstein traded with her and forced her to have sex with his friends, including the Duke of York, when she was a minor. Giuffre said the attacks took place in London, … Read more

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