Tucker Carlson says he “never figured out what a critical theory of race is”

Fox News host Tucker Carlson he admitted on Wednesday that he did not understand what a critical theory of race was – although he had been fueling a conservative cultural war over it for almost a year. “I’ve never figured out what a critical race theory is, to be perfectly honest, after a year of … Read more

Tucker Carlson angry at Lindsey Graham for telling officers Jan. 6 to use weapons

Fox News host Tucker Carlson angry at the hay. Lindsey Graham (RS.C.) on Monday because it ordered Capitol police to use weapons against a violent mob that broke into the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. Carlson claimed Graham “ordered the Capitol police to kill the protesters.” As the senators evacuated the hall, Graham shouted at … Read more

Jim Acosta’s ‘Proud Boy Porn’ series by Tucker Carlson on Capitol Riot

CNN Jim Acosta down and dirty attacked Tucker Carlson‘s a controversial “documentary” miniseries on the uprising of January 6, appointed by »Proud boy pornography. “ Among the many controversial claims in the series, which premiered Monday on the Fox Nation streaming service, is that the attack on the U.S. capital was somehow orchestrated or falsified … Read more

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